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Conference Planning Committee

Mission Statement: To host the annual statewide stroke conference of up-to-date stroke medical education in an all-day program targeted to multidisciplinary group of providers including EMS, nurses, medical providers, therapists and health administrators.


Lead: Elaine Skalabrin MD
Ted Lowenkopf MD
Kailey Cox RN
Carol Wilson RN
Stephanie Brandt RN
Jane Snar RN
Tiffany King DPT
Elly Henderson 
Randy Perkal, administrative support
Donna Hunter, administrative support    



Community Education & Outreach

Mission Statement:  To provide local and regional stroke prevention and treatment education to the general public. 

Lead: Diane Soik

Professional and EMS Outreach

Mission Statement: To be the regional resource for EMS agencies, medical centers, clinics and rehabilitation facilities to improve healthcare delivery systems in the advancement of stroke care in their community

Lead: TBA

Website Development Maintenance

Mission Statement:  To design and maintain a user friendly and informative OSN website for stroke survivors, their families and caregivers, and health care professionals in the effort to provide a central depository of information and reliable resources on stroke.


Leads: Josephine Jacavone APRN
and Katie Harris PhD
Elaine Skalabrin MD
Donna Hunter, administrative support


OSN can provide administrative support to other subcommittees set forth to tackle projects aligned with the OSN overall mission and vision.  
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